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Meet Dr. Scott Perlman

Dr. Scott Perlman, founder of the JAS Medical, Wellness Center of GA, LLC
(JAS Medical & Wellness ) is a trusted trail-blazer in the field of Chiropractic care,  functional alternative treatments, functional medicine wellness programs and restoration to good health.  Dr. Perlman skillfully blends proven chiropractic care with state-of-the-art alternative functional treatments and products to help patients succeed at living pain free, promoting weight loss, and restoring flexibility.  His lifelong passion for physical fitness has influenced his passion for sharing health and wellness to the community.  

As a forward-thinking Chiropractic professional, Dr. Perlman seeks out and researches all forms of new and advanced life-changing products and therapies to provide the best and most advanced healing benefits to his patients.

Dr. Perlman’s patients experience positive life-changing real results, whether they have been diagnosed with chronic pain, allergies, auto-immune or digestive disorders, joint pain or even life threatening diseases like cancer.

Building a New Wellness Culture

In addition to classic chiropractic adjustments, JAS Medical patients benefit from the non-invasive and highly effective PEMF (Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields) chronic pain therapies. This treatment restores the natural balance of connectivity throughout the body, in a relaxed short session. Many patients often experience immediate results.

JAS Medical has its own in-house convenient Organic and Natural Farmacy offering the finest quality nutritional supplements and a new line of Dr. Scott’s Naturals products including: Turmeric, High Potency Vitamin B and Vitamin D, CBD Hemp Oil, Gut Healing Protocol, and pure Bone Broth Protein.  
All products are available for purchase in-house or online.

His greatest personal and professional challenge occurred in 2013 when his wife Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer that eventually spread through out her whole body.  Instead of following the normal course of treatment, Dr. Scott and Nancy approached the disease in a different way, focusing on natural treatments.  Putting their combined energies into finding a cure, now 3 years later, Nancy’s prognosis is 90% better with true natural welless and healing with out the Chemo or Radiation.  Along this journey, they discovered a lack of products to promote wellbeing, so they have produced a new line of products called
Dr. Scott’s Naturals and one of the first they formulated is the DeTox-In-A-Box Skin Care  LEARN MORE

Dr. Scott Perlman, DC – Up Close & Personal

Dr. Scott Perlman, has always been an advocate for healthy living since his days as a fitness coach and trainer for over 20 years.  He is a New York state Brooklyn born native who attended Life University (Chiropractic School) based in Marietta, GA. After graduation, Dr. Perlman realized he had fallen in love with Marietta, a lovely southern town and decided to remain there to found his Chiropractic and functional medicine practice since 2001.

His Chiropractic and organic farmacy business has flourished and evolved over the past 16 years into a new state-of-the-art integrated chiropractic, functional medicine wellness center and natural organic farmacy known as JAS Medical & Wellness Center of GA,LLC (JAS Medical).   The bright friendly patient center is always a hub of activity and is conveniently located in the heart of historic Marietta.  Dr. Perlman is actively involved with all patient care.  

JAS Medical Mission

Our mission is to provide access to natural health information and products that improve the quality of life to all who visit our website and for our patients. We are dedicated to serve others with the delivery of proven therapies, effective patient treatments and engaging in healthy lifestyle programs to inform, educate and communicate with people in need. Using social media, our sphere of influence will continue to grow exponentially to serve a larger community worldwide.   

Giving Back to the Community

JAS Medical entire staff is active in giving back to the community and has participates in:

  • Aid Atlanta (Pediatric Division)
  • Blood drives (Health South Services)
  • The March of Dimes (Preemie Babies at Cobb County Hospitals)
  • Guest Lecturer to Doctors in Training at Life University
  • Sponsoring and presenting at informative seminars

If for any reason you need to contact Dr. Scott Perlman, please fee free to contact him at his office or through email.
Office: 678-797-1104  Email: drscott@drscottperlman.com




medora eaves

Medora Eaves has emerged as one of Atlantas’ best in the field of massage therapy. Her holistic approach provides clients with unrivaled service and therapeutic enlightenment.Although clinically trained, Medora also has spa experience which allows her to be comfortable in either a rehabilitative setting or pampering environment.

Medora encourages clients to be active participants during the course of their therapy. Thus, treatment is always inter-active, and supported by enhancement exercises. These enhancement exercises allow clients to play an active role in their therapy. This progressive mix of inter-active, multi-level service keeps clients highly motivated as they partner with Medora in support of the rehabilitative process.

Professional Qualifications

• Graduate of Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy; September 2001, Columbia, SC.

• License #310496-0 issued by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

• License #MT003515 issued by State of George Board of Massage Therapy.

Continuing Education Courses

LMT Success Group, April 2008. Master Level/Certified Medical Massage Practitioner.Cross Country Education, January 2008. Deep Tissue Massage: Safe/Effective Techniques for Common Problem Areas.Institute for Therapeutic Massage, Inc. January 2003. Hot Stone Massage.

Atlanta School of Massage, February 2003. Medical Massage for Cervical Strain/Sprain.MRI Musculoskeletal Rehab, Inc. March 2003. Neuromuscular Treatment for Low Back/Hip Pain.Acumed, E.T.P.S. August 2003. Neuro-Mechanical Therapy.

Professional Experience

Natural Body Spa & Shoppe, October 2004 - present. Atlas Health Centers, Inc., December 2003 - September 2004. Bella Milan Salon & Spa, February 2003 - December 2003. Body Imaging the Day Spa, January 2002 - January 2003.