Chiropractic Care

We accept all insurance. We have Corrective, Wellness and Family Life style plans.

Infrared Cold Laser

Helps promote healing from strain/sprain, Bruised muscles and inflamed joints and much more. $30.00 per session

N.R.T. (Nutritional Response Technique)
We use three powerful tools to help people. The NRT technique, diet and exercise. Each person is evaluated individually to determine what foods and supplements the body needs to help correct the underlining cause for their particular body type.
Assessment: $90.00
Visit: $65.00 ea.

Urine & Saliva Testing
We use this technique to help use find the underlining cause of hormonal and Neurotransmitter dysfunction and to help the body restore to its proper function and healing capabilities.

Adrinal Gland Testing

Adrinal gland testing: 250$

Hair Analysis/Heavy Metal Testing : 200$