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Immunity Boost!

This is a great way to start your morning and help increase your energy and to boost immunity!

Start your day with the following ingredients;

Filtered Water, Organic carrot, ginger, wheat grass, lemons, aloe vera juice or from the plant juiced, celery, cayenne pepper, turmeric, himalayan salt and apple cider vinegar!

This is not only energizing but easy to prepare as well. This fruit, herb and vegetable juice is rich in multivitamins, beta-carotenes and antioxidants that builds the immune system along with cleansing the digestive track, helps to purify the liver and kidney's from toxins as well as helps body fight against cancer and many other diseases.

This couldn't be a more perfect time to help build your immune system and to get the temple that God has given you in better shape. There is no doubt this juice will fuel your pulse and get your day moving!

God Bless to you all and enjoy :-)

Dr. Scott Perlman

1 Comment

Maria Luna
Maria Luna
Jun 04, 2021

I will give it a try!

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